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zoo york

Zoo York
One thing I hate about Kuwait is the lack of decent clothing for men. Yeah we got some cool high end stuff here, but the low end really lacks. I wear tshirts most of the time and there aren't many places that sell some cool ones here. Debenhams has the Billabong brand but their collection is small and one good brand doesn't cut it. So, I am forced to do all my shopping online. For sneakers I usually buy the brand DC Shoes. From all the skateboarding shoes I have ever bought, they are the most durable and comfortable. I don't skateboard by the way, I just like their clothes. For pants, Zoo York are the most durable ones I have and Stussy the most comfortable. Tshirts... I enjoy experimenting with a lot of brands. My favorite tshirt brand is definitely Drunknmunky which makes up a good percentage of my tshirts. Other tshirt brands I like are Habitat, Zoo York, Ezeikel, Fallen and Osiris. As you can see, none of these brands are sold in Kuwait, which a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. It sucks because I can't go to a shop and buy a tshirt whenever I feel like it, but its also a good thing because at-least now I know when I wear a tshirt I will most probably never run into someone else who has the same one. Today I got two tshirts in the mail, a Zoo York one and a Fallen one. I will probably order some more next week. My problem is that I am a Large size and Large and medium usually are the first to finish..
Image by miskan

Zoo York Rime Seventh Letter Decks at Good Things Skate Shop http://t.co/CzAcwRkp - by GoodThingsSkate (GoodThings SkateShop)

Zoo York Streets of NY Series-Eli Reed Skateboards, 7.8 x 31.68-Inch http://t.co/eW5beDYM - by gyjicyfa (Ingvar Oesterling)

Zoo York Basic Cracker SS11 Capuchon à fermeture éclair grey marled M: Zoo York Basic Cracker SS11 Gris. Matéria... http://t.co/6gGNDAGf - by spang4me0n (Marhta Faul)

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  1. LoveBones

    Why don’t you lose some weight first, then worry about clothing!

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