Zoo Animal Scavenger Hunts

zoo animals

One of the best types of scavenger hunts is a zoo animal one. This type can be played at home using the clues and pictures, or this kind is perfect for an activity to be do while you take your kids to the zoo. The zoo is already a great place for a family to go and enjoy the day, so why not make it even more fun by having a scavenger hunt ready to play. This can help teach kids about what animal names are, and what specific animals look like. Every child loves animals and parents do alike, so making the zoo a more memorable experience is something neither party will soon forget.


Included in the zoo animal scavenger hunt are 30 high definition pictures of different types of animals that you would typically see or find at your local zoo. What you do with these pictures is give them to kids, and tell them to find that animal and figure out what the animal is called.

Making a fun activity also a learning activity is perfect for kids. This can also be a lot of fun for older kids, and even adults. This is especially true when this hunt is performed at the zoo. To purchase this product, all you do is pay once, and then you will receive a full PDF document to download that includes everything you will need. This one time payment gives you the scavenger hunt forever.


If you can't go to the zoo to perform this activity with your friends or family, it still can easily be done at home. Kids can try and guess the different animals, and maybe even the adults will have trouble with some of the different types. Another great idea to go along with a zoo animal hunt is to get stuffed animals that represent the different animals and hide them around the house.

This will create one of the most fun games you and your family can play. When it comes to scavenger hunts, the zoo animal based one is among the most fun and the most popular.


Making a normal trip to the zoo into something special is the reason you buy fun activities like these. This can also represent something perfect for a teacher that is taking a field trip to the zoo. This would make the kids have even more fun, and this can help to teach the children what each animal looks like, and you can add even more information on the hint cards to educate the kids even more.

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"A zoo is a place devised for animals to study the habits of human beings." - Oliver Herford :P - by qsedki (Qais Sedki)

Visited the dirty little free zoo in w/the depressed animals. Gorilla passed out on his side like he mixed zoloft with cabernet sauvignon. - by WolfLot (Wolf Lot)

on the news: gorillas (sp) got loose at the zoo today ah i <3 the zoo!! i love all animals!! i wanted to work @ the zoo in hs i'm serious! - by bonitastephanie (steph horak)

RT @calebmjones: Wasn't that the reason for the zoo tax? RT @JAKlindt: Do animals escape from other zoos? Or does that just happen in Kansas City? #KCZoo - by Krew723 (Tom Krewson)

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