Pumpkin Smash!

Pumpkin Smash!

What does a zoo animal like his pumpkin stuffed with? The tiger's pumpkin was stuffed with raw meat. The elephants love the taste of pumpkin and had theirs without stuffing. The spectacled bears' and orangutans' pumpkins were filled with nutritious animal biscuits and a few healthy treats. Pumpkins were given as enrichment to the tigers, elephants, spectacled bears and orangutans in October. Pumpkins are just one of the many types of animal enrichment we provide, to offer interesting smells, tastes, and experiences to zoo animals.

Pumpkin Smash!


Stuffed Zoo Animals

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Stuffed Zoo Animals

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Stuffed Zoo Animals

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@katieevaans The American Museum of Natural History, it's like the zoo but with stuffed animals - by S__Evans (Sarah Evans)

10 Responses to Pumpkin Smash!

  1. suitov

    Seeing the baby orangutan with that half-pumpkin, somehow I have the suspicion that it went straight onto his/her head as soon as it was empty. :D

    Enrichment activities are great - never get tired of watching how animals react to unexpected toys.

  2. Chameleonslove

    I’d like to visit this zooo

  3. jaber4jaber

    that is really cute i wish i was there to see it.

  4. thepanther17

    Love how all the animals are ripping at the pumpkins and at 2:10 the bear just gently removes the top :)

  5. SpikroddNG

    What a smart way to sneak in a serving of vegetables…

  6. RascalCoyote

    @Humberto4790 what, you want them to do circus tricks for you? yea right that’ll be the day. lol

  7. Humberto4790

    How come when i visit the tiger all they do i slick their balls and go to sleep?

  8. 1NX9

    So cute! ^_^

  9. klaywaffle

    dont you think that those indo chinese tigers might break the glass and the two lions might jump over the fence and kill people ._.

  10. joycin123

    Truly an amazing video

    I am lost for words. That is how great it was

    Excelent job.

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