Little People® Zoo Talkers™ Animal Sounds Zoo™

Little People® Zoo Talkers™ Animal Sounds Zoo™ When you place the lion, polar bear, gorilla or any Zoo Talkers™ animal in the hut, you'll hear its name and the sound it makes! It recognizes lots of animals! There are other fun sounds too, and lots of action, with a water slide, drop-through cave, a swing for the animals and more! Includes Zoo, Zookeeper Zack figure, Polar Bear, Gorilla and Lion Zoo Talkers™ figures. Additional features include an easy-carry handle, and all the animals (& more) store inside the cave.

Little People® Zoo Talkers™ Animal Sounds Zoo™

Just back from Somerset bought some Pokemon toys and saw some awesome endangered animals at a zoo. Bought an encyclopaedia too :) - by amu_chi7 (Aimee Wiggins)

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Watch zoo animals enjoy V-Day enrichment treats and toys. admission 2/14 Borris enjoys a snack @OregonZoo: - by crystalmiller (Crystal Miller)

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