i’m looking for a size 8 zoo york deck…any ideas as to where to get one?

zoo york deck

i'm looking for a size 8 zoo york deck...any ideas as to where to get one?
i need a valentines day present for my boyfriend and i've been looking everywhere for size 8 decks but there just arent that many...his favorite brand is zoo york. i really liked the reflection one but i can only find it in a 7.5...any ideas as to where to look???

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Answer by Cary C
try ebay or criagslist.com

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Zoo York Photo Incentive Skateboard Deck - 7.62: This Zoo York Skateboard Deck is 7.62 inches wide. http://t.co/bCQvKv9Z - by Kymberlycoc (Kymberly Quito)

Zoo York Post No Bills Deck ( sz. 8.00, Blue/Red ): 8 x 31.7 http://t.co/tnRO8hvE - by Shonnalnk (Shonna Sayman)

Zoo York Aaron Suski Photo Incentive Skateboard Deck - 8": This Zoo York skateboard deck is made from premium ma... http://t.co/jGjbP5oH - by Jalisangm (Jalisa Mattei)

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